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Evaluate, Analyze and Execute

In this blog I am taking an opportunity to Introduce Scanomi and its evolution through various thought processes. I have explained the evolution of Scanomi in form of Why, What and How.

Why Scanomi:
I have seen organization spending lot of time and resources in evaluating various solutions, then after several rounds of evaluation process, there is internal rating and to finally conclude on a particular solution. Let us ask following questions to this process:

- Do we have assurance that they have invited all the right providers?
- How to ensure that entire process is unbiased?
- Is it right to spend the time and money ($) doing this evaluation on top of daily responsibilities?
- How do keep up to every increasing solution space

In certain cases, organization may hire external consulting organization to put together the RFP which gives unfair advantage to such organization in the entire bidding process. Currently there is no standard process or automation in this area which organization has own unique of executing this process There is no major software vendors which allows Customers to evaluate the various solutions or options, find out the best solution which would work given their requirements resulting into lot of spend on time and money. Clearly above seems a space which is untouched by anyone, let us how Scanomi approaches this space:

What Scanomi would do:
At Scanomi, we bring together the experience which we have gathered over various implementations, the entire process evaluation is automated to give you insights into the best solution which meets your business needs.

How Scanomi would help:
At Scanomi, we have gathered the Standard requirements which you could align to your evaluation process online, these are standard requirements as well Industry specific requirements with possibility of customizing it to your own needs. Once the requirements are formulated, we span across various solutions to come with a report of solution which meets your needs.

There are various levels of reporting which arefollowing:

Basic: Price wise comparisons of solutions
Advance: Price and Features/Functions Comparisons
Premium: Prices, Features/Functions, future road map and alignment to your Organization

If you have reached this point, here is link for yourself to be part of this exciting new category of solution. You can be one of the following:

Solution Seekers
Solution providers

Be a part of this exciting Journey.

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