Managing Occupancy % for Hoteliers


Occupancy rate of the hotel industry worldwide from 2008 to 2016, by region source from: Occupancy rate of hotels in the Asia Pacific region This statistic shows the occupancy rate of the hotel industry worldwide from 2008 to 2016, by region. In 2016, the occupancy rate of hotels in the Asia Pacific region was 69 percent. For every … Read more

How to Build Intelligent Variance in your Performance Reporting

“PLANNING IS ESSENTIAL NOT BECAUSE WHAT IS PLANNED IS GOING TO HAPPEN BUT BECAUSE WHAT IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN CAN BE CONSIDERD AGAINST WHAT WAS PLANNED”. ~ Umesh Biyani This is where the variance reporting plays an important role in explaining the causes behind what was planned & what has happened. Historically Businesses would be using Variance Report which would look … Read more

Business Planning the key to success

Most of the Today’s Businesses either make use of Spreadsheets or some sort of Software for Planning Purposes. As the Businesses evolves most of time the spreadsheets or traditional systems does not stand the test of the time. In Organizations, there are planning process taking place at any time as depicted in graphics below:  In … Read more

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