Anaplan Managed Services

For Scanomi, Exceptional Customer Experience is not an option, but a company culture that is deeply ingrained & practiced across our client portfolio. We customize our services & offerings based on your requirements, so you and your organization experience least disruption & maximum returns.

Business Continuity Package

We understand that you and your team need support & assistance beyond the stipulated solution building & implementation phase. We offer extended Maintenance & Support managed services based on your requirements, so you and your team can transition and adopt to the new environment with least effort & no issues. Our Business Continuity Package includes but is not limited to, usage documentation, customized workshops, & post implementation technical support.

Free Model Review & Scorecard Services

Our Model Review & Scorecard report provides deep insights about your existing Anaplan models & enables you to prioritize decisions; thus allowing to re-calibrate & align on Anaplan initiatives that are necessary for meeting your organizational goals. You can now cut costs by optimizing workspace utilization, validate Anaplan models against your requirements, enhance performance to ensure faster response time, & extend beyond your current use case by eradicating sparsity.

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