The Arrival of Scanomi


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In this blog I am taking an opportunity to Introduce Scanomi and its evolution through various thought processes. I have explained the evolution of Scanomi in form of Why, What and How.

Here we go:

Why Scanomi:

I read it somewhere that Consultant “A consultant is someone who borrows your watch to tell you the time, and then keeps your watch”

Today Businesses increasing demand value from the Consulting assignments be it Management Consulting or IT assignments. Business Team expect these services firms to deliver quick results to add value to the Business.

There is no time for long & Tedious Change Management, Re-engineering of Processes etc especially when it comes to IT Consulting as Business becomes increasing more competitive, and they want quick results, pay only for the time spent in achieving the results.

Businesses today needs agility, speed, immediate results from their investments in Business Planning & Performance Management while the large SIs are still looking for long & never ending implementations to drive their own revenue.

Clearly above seems a space which is untouched by anyone, let us how Scanomi approaches this space.

What  Scanomi would do:

At Scanomi, we bring together the experience which we have gathered over various implementations, Best practices, quick wins and results is that we offer to our clients. A Typical Business Planning implementations will not take more than 4-5 weeks hence the Client is able to show a “Quick Wins” results to its own management.

As a result Scanomi Team (as we called them “Scanommers”) helps you look good in front of your own Key Stakeholders & management.

How Scanomi would help:

At Scanomi, we have gathered the best  & next practices which you could align to your Business Planning & Performance Management process, these are standard templates available by process as well Industry specific requirements with possibility of customizing it to your own needs.

Once the requirements are formulated, we will build a quick proof of concept to showcase to your management. This would then become the baseline for enhancements & subsequent process improvements.

There are various types of services which are offering:

  • Consulting & Implementation
  • Post Implementation Support
  • Maintenance Services
  • Subscriptions
  • Trainings
  • Consolidation  / Period Closing Support
  • Application Hub (Apphub) Support
  • Anaplan Challenge/ Proof of Concept
  • Anaplan Model Review & QA Services
  • Customer Advisory (EPM 360)

If you have reached this point, here is link for yourself to be part of this exciting Journey.

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