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Our Workato Enterprise Automation solutions enable both business and IT teams to integrate their apps and automate business workflows without compromising on security & governance. It further enables companies to drive real time outcomes from business events.
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Workato for Finance

Streamline Finance processes end-to-end that trigger business events & deliver real-time outcomes.
With Robotic Process Automation (RPA) built-in, our Finance automation solutions can automatically execute specific tasks on your behalf such as routing a purchase order or sending an invoice to a customer; with the ability to scale with your business and be used by non-technical employees.

Streamline CPQ & Quote-to-Cash Processes

Automate your entire revenue process such as product configuration, pricing, quoting, contracts, invoicing, billing, orders, revenue recognition and renewals end-to-end.

Speciality Finance Planning

Trigger procurement requests for new inventory/assets while recording payment status and history.

Real-time Visibility

Collect and monitor all spend and revenue data in one dashboard while empowering your team to make agile business decisions with real-time reporting.

Workato for Sales

Accelerate deals with real-time notifications, speedy approvals, actionable reminders, and automated sales reporting

Our Sales automation solutions transform how your sales team operates day-to-day by automating processes throughout the sales journey that results in shorter sales cycle, a higher close rate, & better all-around experiences for your prospects, customers, and employees.

CRM Customer Relationship Management for business sales marketin

Connected Customer Journey

Establish a 360° line of sight about your customer to customize your sales pitch. Stay up to date with every touchpoint & have a consolidated view of customer data.

AI Driven Deal Desk

Orchestrate an entire deal desk, approve deals quickly and get a complete view of your accounts including support tickets, personnel changes, and other relevant activity.

Leverage on Upsell, Cross-Sell Opportunities

Leverage on upsell/cross-sell opportunities through real-time visibility into your existing accounts (usage and touchpoints), as well as interest from new leads.

Human Resources and People Networking Concept

Workato for HR

Transform your employee journey to attract and retain the best talent

Our HR automation solutions orchestrate cohesive and efficient workflows across your HR apps, so your team spends less time on administrative, manual activities and more time on strategic effort.

Further, automation ensures consistency, fluidity, & order to disparate processes in recruitment, resulting in expedited onboarding and employee delight.

Automate Recruitment

Keep job descriptions updated, sift through candidate data (from job boards and your ATS), score resumes, & sync it all with your HCM.

Automate Onboarding

Move candidate data into HCM, send documents for signature, provision apps and devices, & update payroll; all at the click of a button.

Secure Offboarding

Deprovision equipment and access, update payroll and finance, & send alerts of any issues along the way.

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